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deeptech Fruggr defends digital sobriety

In a world with“digital obesity”, according to Frédérick Marchand, co-founder of the start-up Fruggr, the ambitions of sobriety of this Rennes deeptech are out of place. Created in 2020, this company has developed software that measures the carbon, social footprint and digital accessibility of business activity across their entire value chain. A service “for large companies wishing to go further than the carbon footprint”specifies the leader of the company, author of the book 40 words for responsible digital (ContentA Editions).

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Via a cloud platform, this start-up with 54 employees automatically collects raw information such as usage data or source code. It then relies on recognized impact factors (One-Byte Model from the Shift Project, carbon base from Ademe, etc.) to calculate the scores of its customers and continuously improve this score.

The digital footprint

After a stammering start – “Many find it difficult to understand how digital has an imprint”, explains the entrepreneur – and a long work of education and popularization, the young shoot has conquered giants. L’Oréal, SNCF, EDF or Crédit Mutuel Arkéa are now part of the thirty or so ” large accounts ” subscribers to this service.

Because the result is not long in coming: on average, companies improve their environmental score by 21% after five months, according to figures provided by Fruggr. In 2022, the start-up raised 2 million euros from the Go Capital fund and private investors. “Still in an investment logic”the start-up has set ambitious goals in France and abroad.

And the needs abound. “Some of our biggest customers are aiming to reduce their digital footprint at least 30%continues Frédérick Marchand.We can always go further. The levers for improvement are enormous. » Next goal? Train SMEs and ETIs in this change of digital regime.

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