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demonstrators dislodged by the police before the General Assembly in Paris

The General Assembly of TotalEnergies promised to be heckled. As expected, dozens of demonstrators tried to block access to the Salle Pleyel, in the 8e district of ParisFriday morning, before the annual meeting of the French energy company, taunted by associations for its climate policy, reports AFP.

Some demonstrators, seated in front of the entrance to the hall, were dislodged by the police. Clashes broke out. Tear gas was used by the police to disperse the dozens of people present. AFP indicates that the demonstrators sing songs criticizing the climate action of the hydrocarbon giant: “ What we want is to overthrow Total “, And ” one, two and three degrees, it’s Total to thank “.

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“Superprofits”, CO2 emissions

In grandstand published at the end of April, a dozen NGOs had called for preventing the General Assembly of TotalEnergies, including Greenpeace and Extinction Rebellion, which denounce the ” fossil projects of the oil and gas company and an unfair distribution of superprofits that fuels climate and social injustice “. In 2022, the band recorded a profit total of 19 billion euros, a record.

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Its carbon footprint is also in the sights of environmental associations. On November 2, the NGO Greenpeace published a report in which it reported a minimization of its balance sheet of greenhouse gas emissions (CO2). According to her, the French group issued ” 1.6 billion tons “, four times more CO2 in 2019 than the announced figures (455 million tons), relayed France Blue.

On Friday, Total shareholders will vote on a resolution to contain indirect CO2 emissions. The coalition of investors, dubbed “Follow This”, urges the group to respect the agreement of Paris, which provides for a limitation of global warming of +1.5% compared to the pre-industrial era.

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