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Denis Lehane, Mathieu Persan, Fabienne Swiatly… The choices of the La Droguerie bookstore in Saint-Malo

Four years ago, Mélanie Chenais and Patrick Coltel left Touraine to join the corsair city and one of its jewels. Founded in 1992 by the bookseller-navigator Loïc Josse, La Droguerie was first designed as a port hangar and a classic drugstore, where books on navigation, the sea and travel rubbed shoulders with brushes, brooms and cleaning products. ‘interview. A spirit that the new arrivals, warmly welcomed by the people of Malouins and the inhabitants of the Saint-Servan district, wished to preserve, while developing the offer in general adult and youth literature, human sciences and comics. From May 27 to 29, the bookstore will take up residence on a 200 square meter stand for the 33rd edition of Étonnants Voyageurs, where some 150 guests are expected, including Laurent Gaudé, Valentine Goby, Sorj Chalandon, Nastassja Martin, Vinciane Despret, Cédric Gras and Douglas Kennedy, who will present a preview of his new novel.

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Best sale : The silenceby Denis Lehane

Dennis Lehane reportedly said that The silence would be his last book. If so, the author of Mystic River and of Shutter Island ends his career with a masterpiece. The plot takes place in 1974 in Boston, where the Irish community opposes the desegregation policy put in place by the city: busing, buses supposed to allow young blacks to study in schools mainly attended by Whites, and vice versa. While demonstrations are organized to fight against this initiative, the daughter of Mary Pat Fenessey disappears. The same night, a young black man dies, hit by a train. It is quickly admitted that it was not an accident. From then on, Dennis Lehane recounts the fight of a single mother to find her daughter, a fight that comes up against the silence of his family. The portrait of this woman is unforgettable, and the dialogues, so difficult to make credible in literature, give this text an exceptional density. A novel that intelligently deals with consubstantial subjects of America of yesterday and today, such as violence, racism and social fracture.

The silenceDenis Lehane, translated from English (United States) by François Happe, Gallmeister, 448 pages, 25.40 euros.

Heart stroke : Nothing should ever happen to me again, by Mathieu Persian

Nothing should ever happen to me again.This sentence is pronounced by the mother of Mathieu Persan when she gives birth to her first child. However, the disease catches up with her and settles in this joyful family that we would all like to know one day. It is the portrait of this family that the reader retains and not that of the “surprise guest” who mourns him, because this first autobiographical account is anything but a tear-jerker but a modest book full of life. We laugh, despite the shadow of disappearance which grows inexorably. We share moving moments of intimacy, especially when the son manages to make his mother travel to Saint-Malo, a city she adores. We know Mathieu Persan for his illustrations on the cover of books published by Gallmeister. It is clear that he writes as well as he draws.

Nothing should ever happen to me again Mathieu Persan, The Iconoclast, 255 pages, 20 euros.

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Discovery:A year in a mess,by Fabienne Swiatly

A portmanteau word, la caboulotte designates a 9 square meter hut-trailer that the author chose as her home after a breakup. Her goal: to find herself alone with herself to rebuild herself, also to write. This book takes the form of a diary in which Fabienne Swiatly evokes her daily life over the seasons, her readings, her models, and questions the social injunctions that a 60-year-old woman can face, especially when she moves away. traditional patterns. His pen, poetic and impressionistic, offers his reader a parenthesis of calm and introspection. How do we live? Why is our existence too often likened to a consumer race? A magnificent reflection on nature, writing and our relationship to others.

A year in shamblesFabienne Swiatly, The Bear Pit, 144 pages, 16 euros.

* 66, rue Georges-Clemenceau, 35400 Saint-Malo, la-droguerie.fr

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