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Diego Leuco analyzed the great absence of his father Alfredo in Radio’s Martín Fierro


Diego Leuco joined in to give his opinion on the controversial nominations for the Martín Fierro Radio Awards where both he and his father, Alfredo Leuco, are absent.

In dialogue with Intruders (America) the journalist analyzed the shortlists and argued why would have liked to see the driver I give you my word (Radio Miter) present: “It seems to me that the definition of an award is that you have to make a cut, a filter. My dad has been nominated a lot of times, for me my dad deserves everything“.

“It seems to me that shortlists have to have controversies, if not what’s the point. I don’t think that the fact that someone is not there, one absence is more unfair than another. The awards are arbitrary,” he concluded, removing drama from the APTRA vote.

Guido Kaczka’s reaction to not being nominated in the Martín Fierro de Radio

Guido Kaczka immersed himself in the controversy over the nominations of the Martín Fierro de Radio after it has not been mentioned in any category.

Last year, the host was the big winner of the night, winning the award for Best Hosting and the Martín Fierro de Oro for his program It’s not all said (The 100). But, in this 2024, He was surprised that he was not terminated.

For this reason, he spoke with Show Partners (El Trece) and wanted to take the drama out of the situation: “It seemed good to me. I always like it, first that it is done. It is an award that I like to see happen, that we like to live it.”

“I had a very good Martín Fierro from Radio when he was the driving one that won and the Gold one, and we have been nominated other times. Obviously one wants to be nominated, sometimes it’s not enough. It matters to you because you like it but it may happen that you don’t.“, he assured about his absence.

I could even tell he was very distressed about it: “I don’t know if it’s pain but if you want something, next year, you’ll have to see how you manage to be nominated. “Sometimes it plays and sometimes it doesn’t.”

Finally, Guido Kaczka revealed if he had any type of contact with the President of APTRA: “I did not call him Luis Ventura but maybe you’re giving me an idea.” And he congratulated the radio operator La 100 who was awarded and his colleague Marcela Tauro, nominated as Best Entertainment Columnist.


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