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Draft resolution on “stopping the killings in Rafah”


Palestinians flee from Rafah, in the south of the Gaza Strip during an attack on Tuesday. Photo: Jehad Alshrafi / AP / NTB

Of NTB | 29.05.2024 01:33:03

War and conflicts: This will happen during Tuesday local time, according to Ambassador Amar Bendjama.

He disclosed this to the press after a closed-door meeting.

– Algeria will this afternoon send around a draft resolution on Rafah. It will be a short, decisive text to stop the killings in Rafah, says the ambassador.

The other non-permanent members are Ecuador, Guyana, Japan. Malta, Mozambique, South Korea, Sierra Leone. Slovenia and Switzerland. The five permanent countries, all of which have veto power, are the United States, China, Russia, Great Britain and France.

The ambassador did not mention when he hopes to get a vote on a resolution.

– We hope it can happen as quickly as possible because lives are at stake, says China’s ambassador Fu Cong, who hopes the vote can take place this week.

– It is high time that the council takes action. This is about life and death, said France’s ambassador Nicolas de Riviere before the meeting.

The Council has adopted two resolutions concerning the need for humanitarian aid for the people of Gaza. In March, the Security Council adopted a resolution for an immediate ceasefire, after such an attempt had been repeatedly blocked by the United States, Israel’s main ally.

Washington officials, increasingly frustrated by Israel’s warfare and the civilian death toll, ultimately let the resolution pass by abstaining.

When asked about the Algerian resolution proposal, US UN Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield says the following:

– We are waiting to see it, and then we will come up with our reaction.

It was Algeria that took the initiative for the meeting. The country is currently among the ten non-permanent members of the council.

The Security Council has struggled to form a united voice since the war broke out when Hamas attacked Israel on October 7 last year, which was followed by a major Israeli military operation.

In a statement from the White House on Tuesday, it is said that Israel’s offensive in Rafah is not a full-scale invasion that breaks the “red line” set by President Joe Biden. Therefore, the United States’ behavior towards Israel will not change, according to the White House.


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