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– Drop the lawnmower, urges WWF


A woodpecker on the grass in Hurum in Asker municipality. Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

Of NTB | 29.04.2024 14:44:40

Nature and environment: The reason is, among other things, that a third of Norwegian bee species are on the red list.

– There is little life in a groomed lawn. We therefore recommend dropping lawn mowing altogether or mowing much less often, and letting wild flowers grow freely. What we humans see as “weeds” are important food sources for insects, says Secretary General of the WWF World Wildlife Fund, Karoline Andaur, in a press release.

Nature in Norway is being destroyed bit by bit at a breakneck pace, writes WWF. This creates bad conditions for Norwegian pollinators. Many bee species are only found in a few places and are in great danger of disappearing completely. Twelve of the species have not been observed for 50 years and are probably extinct.

The situation is equally precarious for Norwegian butterflies. A whopping 22 percent is listed on the red list.

WWF points out that in fact around a third of the food we eat comes from plants that are pollinated by insects.

To help bees, butterflies and other pollinators, WWF encourages the Norwegian people to plant insect-friendly plants and leave nature in the garden as untouched as possible.

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