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Dua Lipa released her album “Radical Optimism”, and published a mysterious announcement: “I have a secret”


Dua Lipa released his highly anticipated third album on May 3, Radical Optimism. The album contains 11 songs including the stinging “Illusion,” “Training Season,” and the euphoric club banger “Houdini.” Listen Radical Optimism here.

I wrote this album while I was singlesaid the global pop star, winner of 3 GRAMMY Awards and 7 BRIT Awards. “He always came to the studio with some funny story and they all inspired different songs. There is a looseness and an honesty that I had not had before”.

In making the album, Dua worked with a team of key collaborators including Caroline Ailin, Danny L. Harle, Tobias Jesso Jr. and Kevin Parker.

Dua adds: “Everyone’s background and way of working mesh together very well, as friends and from a musical point of view.”. He goes on to say: “We were all very open and I felt that in that place I could feel vulnerable and speak freely about my experiences. The musicality of it all was so rich and exhilarating that I wanted to dive in and be a part of it.”.

Dua describes Radical Optimism as “psychedelic pop” and highlights that “there are musical pauses and a mixture of different sounds, and when you listen to it with your eyes closed, a very visual world opens up.” The album was inspired by Dua’s self-knowledge and is about the joy and happiness of having clarity in situations that previously seemed impossible to face.

After the launch, Dua surprised everyone by showing a countdown on her site: “I have a secret, come back soon to reveal it…”says the mysterious message.

This Saturday, May 4, Dua will return to Saturday night Live in her dual role as host and guest. Dua was last on the show in 2020, when she performed “Do n’t Start Now,” “Levitating,” and made her debut as Marjorie.

Dua recently announced the first leg of her tour in support of Radical Optimism, with shows in Berlin, Pula and Nimes in June, which immediately sold out. Additionally, Dua will make her Pyramid Stage debut as the Friday night headliner at Glastonbury Festival on June 28, and will play a show at London’s iconic Royal Albert Hall on October 17, with tickets also available. They sold out immediately.

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