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Duki spoke about the importance of Emilia Mernes accompanying him at his show in Madrid


Dukei is preparing to make history in Madrid being the first Argentine to appear at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, corresponding to Real Madrid.

Although it was announced that the singer is well accompanied by his parents after Sandra asked him a question at the press conference that made him excited, His partner Emilia Mernes will also be there.

For that reason, the ragpicker spoke in Telenight (El Trece) of the importance of the singer being present at this important moment in her career: “Always accompanying us, we were at the Movistar, now she is with me at the Bernabéu… And I want, I believe and I hope that it will continue to be that way for as long as it has to be. But the truth is that she is a great companion”.

In this way, it leaves the doors open for the native of Nogoyá to get on stage to sing some of her hits “As if it didn’t matter” or “This is just beginning”, just as they did in several of Emilia’s presentations in the Movistar Arena.

Duki burst into tears during a press conference

Duki burst into tears during a press conference in Spain due to a special question that his mother, Sandra, asked him.

Before his presentation at the Bernabéu stadium in Madrid, the singer gave a press conference and was surprised by his mother.

I already know the answer, but I would like to know if you, at this point in your career, realize what sets you apart and why you came here.“asked the woman, who was sitting among the journalists.

Duki She couldn’t help but burst into tears and said: “We talked about it with you sometime. For those who don’t know, the lady who asked the question is Sandra, my mother, the person who gave me life along with my father, Guille, who He’s sitting next to me. Why sit her here, it’s going to make me cry…”

Excited, he continued: “What brought me here is my people and the relationship with my audience. The nicest thing I have is that I go out calmly anywhere and no one ever disrespects me. I don’t know if I’m famous or not, but I’m the freest person in the world and it’s thanks to my people who treat me like that.“.

My audience has been with me since I started, without them I would be nothing. I feel like it’s mutual, they know there’s that connection, that love. That’s what brought me here“added the artist.

“That’s it, son. You are authentic, Mauro, never lose it because that distinguishes you“said his mother through tears. “You made me cry at the conference, Sandra“he complained amusedly Duki.


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