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Duplantis convinced by Alnes – set a world record in Warholm shoes


Armand Duplantis celebrated after setting a new world record in Warholm shoes. Photo: Ng Han Guan / AP Photo / NTB.

Of NTB | 14.05.2024 06:40:42

Sport: – The shoes are designed to make him faster, said Romain Girard, in Puma’s development team.

Duplantis set his first world record in 2020 and has since improved it seven times. Most recently, he flew over 6.24 meters during the Diamond League premiere in Xiamen in China.

And it probably won’t be his last record.

The first seven records were very much about which pole he used, while during the last one in Xiamen he tested out shoes with claws for the first time.

He tried that after being inspired by the Norwegian hurdler Karsten Warholm’s shoes, which he started using in 2022.

– The story of how “Mondo” started using these shoes is really special, said Girard and continued:

– A few months ago, Karsten and his trainer Leif Olav Alnes explained the advantages of the shoes. “Mondo” was so enthusiastic about the development and asked us what we could do for him.

The result: 6.24 metres.

– The shoes make him faster, resulting in higher jumps. In pole vaulting, horizontal speed becomes vertical speed immediately after you put the pole in the pit. It gives you more opportunity to jump higher, Girard said.

Warholm and Alnes were both impressed by Duplanti’s success in China.

– I have never seen “Mondo” set a world record so easily, said Warholm to NRK.

“His success may not have been entirely because of the shoes, but they didn’t make him any worse and I don’t think he’s going to change shoes after this,” he continued.

The Norwegian won WC gold with the claw shoes in Budapest last year and has announced that an updated version will be released for this summer’s Olympics in Paris.

In running, carbon fiber shoes have caused debate and Alnes, who has helped develop Warholm’s shoes, believes this is just the beginning of a major development.

And when it comes to the claws on the shoes, the successful experiment was basically about gaining more speed.

– They ensure that you have longer contact with the ground and where the energy stored in the shoes pushes you forward when your center of gravity is as far forward as possible, said Girard.

Duplantis has used the shoes in the first two competitions of the outdoor season, during the Diamond League tour in China.

The shoe manufacturer immediately began the process of adapting Warholm’s shoes for pole vaulting, and in Xiamen Duplantis got the chance to test his own.

Duplantis and Warholm’s shoes are reminiscent of each other. The biggest difference is that the Swedish-American has a thicker heel, so the pair is more suited to jumping.

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