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Earthquake with magnitude 3.3 in Western Norway


Of NTB | 29.04.2024 05:38:07

Accidents and natural disasters: – We first received a message at 4.22 from a man in Vaksdal who had felt the earthquake. He described it as a clear shaking in the house and as a kind of rumbling, says Berit Marie Storheim, senior engineer at the Department of Geosciences at NTB.

She says the earthquake is located at Mjølfjell, which is east of Raundalen in Voss municipality in Vestland county.

– The strength is calculated at 3.3, says Storheim.

– 3.3 is a small earthquake in the world context. In Norway, it is not unusual for earthquakes of magnitude 3.3. We have quite a few tremors in this force in Norway, she says.

Storheim adds that people have no reason to be afraid or anxious.

– No, there is no reason to be anxious. We don’t expect any damage to buildings or infrastructure, she says.

NTB has also received reports from people who have felt the quake and who say that the quake was well felt in the ground – and that they woke up to it.

Storheim encourages people who have felt the quake to register it

According to the European Earthquake Center (EMSC), the earthquake must have occurred 22 kilometers from Voss, writes VG.

– I didn’t understand anything. There was a terribly loud noise and the house shook. Then it was just as if the goods train disappeared further, says Anne Grethe Aalandslid, who lives in Voss, in a message to the newspaper.

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