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EC gold for Hegg in Olympic practice


Jon-Hermann Hegg won EC gold. Photo: Annika Byrde / NTB

Of NTB | 28.05.2024 13:03:09

Crime and justice: 25-year-old Hegg sails up as a hot medal candidate in the Olympics in Paris. The Olympic exercise 50 meter match contains 20 shots kneeling, lying and standing. In the EC, Hegg won ahead of the Ukrainian Sergej Kulisj. Hegg had 462.3 points, while the silver medalist had 461.1. The bronze went to Patrik Jany from Slovakia.

In the final, 15 shots were shot kneeling, where Hegg was second with 156.0 points. He was 0.8 points behind Ukrainian Sergej Kulish. Henrik Larsen was number five with 152.9 points.

Then there were 15 shots, and the distance was increased to 1.6 points between Kulisj and Hegg. Larsen was fifth, 3.0 points behind.

It all ended with 15 shots standing. Hegg scored 9.3 on his first shot, but the Ukrainian also failed. The Norwegian fired many shots after that, and on the last five shots it was a clean knockout.

There, Hegg was so superb that he led so much before the last shot on Kulisj that even though the Norwegian got 8.1 against the Ukrainian’s 10.4 points, he won by 1.2 points in the end.

In the qualification, Hegg was also the best with 594 points. He was a little behind after kneeling with 197 and 199 on prone, but he finished with two great standing streaks of 99 points.

Ole Martin Halvorsen and Henrik Larsen both had 199 on both kneeling and lying and were in a shared lead after the first four series.

Larsen got 97 and 95 points and finished fifth out of the eight who made it to the final with 590 points. Halvorsen scored 95 twice and a total of 588 points, which held him to 13th place.

Norway, on the other hand, won a superb EC gold with 1772 team points. The three Norwegians were seven points ahead of France and nine points ahead of Austria in the nearest places.

Larsen was not quite successful in the standing section and ended up in 7th place.

In the last two standing series there were problems for both.

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