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Ecuador declares power crisis


Electricity rationing is a reality in Ecuador this week after the authorities have declared an electricity crisis as a result of drought. The picture is from a shop in the capital Quito where a woman lights candles after the power has been cut. Photo: Dolores Ochoa / AP / NTB

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Weather: – Today I have taken a powerful decision, once again, and that is to declare a crisis in the country’s energy sector. I have asked the minister to resign, President Daniel Noboa said at an event in the city of Guayaquil on Tuesday.

Later on Tuesday, Noboas issued a statement stating that he has appointed Transport Minister Roberto Luque, who also retains his original cabinet post, as interim energy minister after energy minister Andrea Arrobo.

Ecuador is affected by a drought, which affects electricity production at the country’s hydropower plants. Hydropower is the country’s most important source of energy.

The authorities are warning of electricity rationing and the import of electricity from neighboring Colombia.

But Colombia cannot come to the rescue. Colombia’s government announced itself on Tuesday that it must stop electricity exports to Ecuador. The reason is that the drought is also affecting Colombia.

Colombia itself is highly dependent on hydropower for electricity production, and the degree of filling in the plants has fallen to close to critical levels. The drought is also affecting the capital Bogota and the surrounding areas, where ten million people are now subject to water rationing.

It is the natural climate phenomenon El Niño that is highlighted by both countries as the cause of the ongoing drought.

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