Thursday, May 30, 2024

Eduardo Feinmann used the new GPT Chat on the air of LN+ and had an uncomfortable moment: “The most watched program is Jonatan Viale’s”


Eduardo Feinmann He tried the new version of the GPT Chat on LN+ and had an uncomfortable moment that went viral.

The host used the application update that, among other things, allows interaction in real time, and when asked what the channel’s most watched program was, artificial intelligence responded +Realitythe cycle that made Jonathan Viale before your arrival in TN.

What happened to Eduardo Feinmann on LN+

Can you tell me which is the most watched program on LN+?“he asked Eduardo Feinmann to the voice of the GPT Chat. “The most watched program on La NaciĆ³n is currently +Realityhosted by Jonatan Viale“, the app responded.

No! Wait a little, you don’t have the update, stupid… Why don’t you go to hell… It shouldn’t have the latest numbers“, the journalist reacted.

“Someone told me not to trust AI… because it is very artificial but not very intelligent. But hey, it can fail,” he continued Eduardo Feinmannand shot: “It seems to me that you are useless.”

The clipping quickly went viral on the internet and Jonathan Viale He reacted with a laughing emoji.

Jonatan Viale's reaction to Eduardo Feinmann's awkward moment

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