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Eduardo Feinmann was spicy and targeted Andy Kusnetzoff: “I don’t believe his good guy character”


Eduardo Feinmann aimed against Andy Kusnetzoff for his personality and destroyed him in the middle of an interview with LAM (America TV).

From the program Angel de Brito They went to look for the journalist to talk about his relationship with the driver, and the newsman Alejandro Castelo he asked in a note “Who do you have a coffee pending with?” Quickly, Feinmann mentioned Andy.

“We had coffee once”Feinmann responded. “And they didn’t really agree, did they?” Castelo insisted. “No, it has values ​​that don’t suit me”Eduardo launched.

“Professional values?” the chronicler asked. “Personal”he pointed Feinmann. Subsequently, Castle He asked him if he ever had a specific episode in which he gave him hints, and the journalist assured: “Ugh, he made me… many, many times, look up the CQC files.”

Finally, Eduardo Feinmann was forceful and ended the interview with a stick towards Andy Kusnetzoff: “I don’t believe his good guy character now.”

What did Eduardo Feinmann say about the country’s insecurity?

Eduardo Feinmann spoke about the citizen insecurity that exists in the country currently and drew the attention of Javier Milei for not addressing these issues.

In your program Radio Miterthe journalist attended an investigation recently carried out by the National University of Buenos Aires where they surveyed a certain group of people about their perception of this problem. Then, he commented: “There are two things that matter to people today, the economy and insecurity. I have a paper that the UBA Psychology did on this last topic, the change in criminal laws and the age of imputability”.

In this way, he recapitulated the results obtained: “The word most mentioned by people about what they feel regarding insecurity is fear and trepidation, then helplessness, anger, abandonment, concern. 46% expressed that this matter is extremely serious, and 25% very serious. In compared to a year ago, ‘increased a lot’ 38%, ‘increased somewhat’ 25%”.

He even spoke about the penalties that criminals receive today: “62% say that, in general, serious crimes do not have sentences commensurate with their seriousness. In relation to some changes that could be made in criminal laws, 48% agree that for serious crimes (murders and rapes) establish effective life sentences without reduction of any kind. 43% of people responded that the age of imputability should be 12 years.

Finally, Eduardo Feinmann He addressed the political leaders who are currently carrying out their mandate: “Those who have to take action listen carefully, no matter the district. Don’t come with ‘there were two less robberies than last year’, people feel differently. 48% of people want those who committed serious crimes, rot in jail, are they clear or not? Or should I draw a little picture for them? The vast majority of people are asking for the age of imputability to be lowered, which today is 16.”

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