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Eight points for Israel from the Norwegian jury – A bomb, says the president of the MGP club


Eden Golan from Israel did far better with most people than with the juries of the individual countries. The country eventually finished in fifth place. Photo: Martin Meissner AP / NTB

Of NTB | 12.05.2024 04:04:06

Culture and entertainment: Israel’s contribution had only received three points when Norway’s jury had to hand out its votes as country number 14. In total, Israel received 52 points from the juries.

– Eight points from the Norwegian jury to Israel is a bomb, says president of the MGP club Morten Thomassen Dagbladet.

From the Norwegian audience, Israel received five points, despite mobilization from many friends of Israel. Switzerland, France, Ukraine, Sweden and Croatia all received more points from people in Norway than Israel.

Israel eventually finished with 375 points. The vast majority of the points came from the people, who gave them a whopping 323 points.

In addition, there was a group for the rest of the world, which corresponds to votes from one country, which also gave 12 points to Israel.

Israel was the country that received the second most votes in by the people, beaten only by silver medalist Croatia.

– Yesterday’s result is an uplifting sign of the growing support that actually exists for Israel in Norway, said Israel’s ambassador to Norway, Avi Nir-Feldklein, to NTB after the semi-final on Thursday.

– It is important not to mix up the noise from the individuals who shout the loudest with those who actually represent the ordinary Norwegian, says Nir-Feldklein.

But people in as many as 14 countries gave 12 points and the full pot to Israel: Portugal, Sweden, San Marino, France, Belgium, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, Spain, Finland, Great Britain, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. This is shown in the score overview Eurovision World.

Israel’s participation in Eurovision this year has been controversial in wide circles. But Israel’s ambassador to Norway believes that the noise that has been surrounding Israel’s participation is not representative.

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