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El Chino’s reaction after Zoe’s elimination in Big Brother


Zoe Bogach was the last one eliminated from Big Brother (Telefe) after being the least voted along with his mother Aixa on the positive plate.

Although her classmates did not nominate her to be eliminated, Martin Ku he raised it to the plate, as well as Virginia Demo, after becoming a leader with her friend Facundo. In this way, they saved Nicolás Grosman, a member of the Bro.

With this play, El Chino believed that he was not putting the player at risk since he considered her strong, but he was wrong. For that reason, after Santiago del Moro announced that he had to leave the house, he felt guilty: “What about Zoe hurt me. Posta hurt me. Friend, I uploaded it”.

However, he was not the only participant who was affected by his departure because Zoe was considered The Princess, which is why they never voted for her except for the first week when they did not know her.

With what percentage did Zoe leave Big Brother?

Zoe Bogach and her mother were removed from the house Big Brother 2023 (Telefe) after being hand in hand with Florencia Regidor and her friend Sol. Mother and daughter walked away with 37.3%, while their opponents took 62.7% of the vote.

Previously, they were saved by the public: The cat Noelia and Emma Vich with 36.3% of the votes, Delfina with Virginia with 43.3%, Francisco and Dario with 45.8%, Florence and Sun which got the most votes of the night with 62.7%.

What will the new dynamic be like for Big Brother visitors?

Santiago del Moro driver Big Brother (Telefe) made a special announcement for family and friends inside the world’s most famous house that will once again change the rules of the game.

The reality show host explained that, from now on, the family member or friend who accumulates the most votes will be the last to leave the game, they will win a house and the benefit of leadership will be granted to the player they are representing.

Let’s remember that Martín Ku was the first to win a house during one of the games.


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