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El Pollo Vignolo told how he faces his new stage as a dad: “I enjoy fatherhood more today than before”


Chicken Vignolo was present at Noche al Dente (America TV), and commented on what this facet of being a father was like. Likewise, he said that today he enjoys his children more than before, and that he did not have a good time during the pregnancy since he did not enjoy the pregnancy or the birth. Today, they are 11 years old.

“It is a beautiful challenge that has, of course, fears. You always wonder, ‘Will I be okay as a father?’”, said the commentator. And he added: “It is a parenthood that I enjoy much more today than before because when you have twins at first it is complicated. Since they were born it was complicated.”

Following this line, he recalled how difficult it was not to have children, since his wife was subjected to several fertility tests, and when they had their twins, it was going to be the last attempt: ““It is entrusting yourself to God and believing in everything,” he confessed.

“You are always afraid that bad things could happen and you were born a long time before.”, he claimed. And then he declared: “The pregnancy was also an issue because it was risky.”

Finally, Chicken Vignolo He declared about his family: “I remember when they were born, what do you imagine? Your children are born, they bring stuffed animals, people come, they greet you and you go home. And no, they were born and went to the incubator for three weeks because they were premature.”he counted and ended: “It was tough, I didn’t enjoy the pregnancy or the birth. I enjoyed it once we got them out of the clinic.”

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