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El Trece shared a preview of 100 Argentinos Say with José María Listorti: “There’s very little left”


The thirteen confirmed that José María Listorti will be the new driver 100 Argentines Say and shared a promotional preview.

Through the channel’s social networks they released a video where the comedian can be seen giving a preview of what the new season of the program will be.

There’s very little left until I return 100 Argentines Say. It won’t be long until you can play again at home, here or wherever you want, with your family. Very soon on the screen of El Trece“Listorti expressed.

Who is the host of 100 Argentinos Dicen?

José María Listorti had been summoned to lead the Singing 2024 on América TV; However, he received another proposal that distanced him from said project.

The comedian spoke with eltrecetv and expressed his happiness at returning to the canal, where years ago he drove This is the Show and the Singingto be in front of 100 Argentines Say.

“Happy because they close many things with this format. It is a format that I always watched with Darío Barassi and when Monchi Balestra was there. “She saw him even when she traveled,” he said. José María Listorti.

I am happy to return to El Trece. People like to see me more in this role of host and comedian. I enjoy these formats, because there are other programs where current affairs go over your head,” he added.

It is worth remembering that the debut of 100 Argentines Say It was in 2004 in The thirteenconducted by Monchi Balestra. The cycle returned to the screen 15 years later, in mid-2020, with Dario Barassi to the head.

“100 Argentines say it is a program in which to win you have to get it right. There are no right or wrong answers… there are popular answers. Families, friends, co-workers can participate. In each broadcast, teams will face each other and answer on various topics: music , sports, social networks, food, current affairs, etc., and the winners will go on to play ‘quick money’. Have fun, we will discover the most unusual and fun answers, according to the view of Argentines,” El Trece describes about the program.

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