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Eliana Guercio and Sol Pérez met live, and exposed the intern between the panelists of Big Brother


Eliana Guercio and Sol Perez They starred in a tremendous live crossover during The debate of Big Brother (Telefe), exposing the internal conflict between “analysts“.

What happened between Eliana Guercio and Sol Pérez

The panelists said everything live. The point of discussion began with the extreme fanaticism of Laura Ubfal and Sergio’s wife Tiny Rosemary by Juliana Rage Scaglionethe most controversial participant in this edition of Big Brother.

It all started when Agostina, a former GH participant, said: “You as panelists would have to relax a little with fanaticism. They are paid to give their opinion on the game and debate, not to defend a participant.” Catalina supported the opinion of her former playing partner, and specifically asked Ubfal and Guercio to calm their fanatical souls and “be objective.”

After that, Sol Pérez pointed out how Ubfal managed to question a bad attitude of Rage against Virginia Demo’s daughter, Delfina. “I love hearing Laura say that. I really love it because it’s watching the game completely and saying ‘that wasn’t so wise’. I love hearing you say this, because of fanaticisms I’m up to here. “My patience is on the verge of collapsing,” he indicated (Video @TronkOficial in X)

Full of irony, Guercio noted: “I am very happy because we can now consider Laura a professional“, shot the wife of “Tiny” Rosemary. Sol quickly took the gloves and said: “Sorry, do you have a problem with me Why am I saying something good to Laura?” “You have had problems with Laura since you started.”the former star remembered for her slap at Marcelo Polino in Intruders.

In this context, Pérez asked the journalist if they had ever had any problems. Ubfal’s response was “No”, and they stressed that if there was a short circuit it was discussed privately and it was resolved.

Do you want to hear my answer? You asked me something, do you want me to answer you? You wrinkled“Guercio launched Canchera. “No way I’m going to wrinkle What am I going to wrinkle with? I am working here and I worked with Laura for a long time before and we always get along very well.“Replied Sol Pérez. “You don’t want me to answer you, I won’t answer you, stay calm“Guercio attacked.

While Guercio continued talking about “wrinkling,” the fitness influencer sharply launched: “Answer me, come on. You think this is a star war, Guercio, and this is not, it is a television program.” “You don’t want me to answer you,” Eliana insisted, in a sort of warning due to the tenor of the answer. “Answer me, come on, I’m waiting for you,” Sol told her.

Eliana Guercio and Sol Perez fight
Eliana Guercio and Sol Perez crossed paths in El Debate

Then Eliana said: “You were doing an analysis of your classmates since the program started, it seems like a fourth class to me. You can do your job without detracting from that of others. You made a lot of value judgments about Laura’s and my work.” of times. Do you remember the other day that I sent you a lot of audios after you went around all the television programs talking about me?

Far from remaining silent, Sol shot: “You are inventing. You are making a value judgment of my work. Eliana, you have a personal problem with Ceferino (Reato) and with me because you are a fan of Fury. Eliana, You have horrible comments towards women and I am going to support them“If you don’t like it, I’m sorry in my heart.”

Finally, Guercio expressed: “I don’t care what you think of me, Sol, I care zero, because You are going on one path and I am going on a very different one.”. After his comment, Pérez concluded: “Thank God and heaven. Thank you so much”.

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