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Eliana Guercio declared war on the Big Brother panelists and defended Furia for all the attacks she received


Eliana Guerciopanelist Big Brother (Telefe), returned to defend Juliana Furia Scaglione despite his reprehensible attitudes within the house, and he exposed his companions for all the attacks he received in a special way.

What did Eliana Guercio say about the Big Brother panelists?

About the end of the program, after the great show that the Mirandas gave along with the seven participants who remained in the reality showthe couple Chiquito Romero He took the floor and remarked: “I wanted to remember, since people always talk about the ugly things that Furia says, and I understand it, but it seems to me that to criticize one first has to be better than what they criticize, so I took the trouble to pass on my homework making this blackboard that was the biggest one I found.

The panelist began to mention each of the bad comments that were said to her. Juliana. Afterwards, she put away her whiteboard and clarified: “I have written down what each one said. Before judging and criticizing, you first have to be a better person than what you criticize.”

Finally, Eliana Guercio continued to defend Rage and he threw a stick at the panelists Big Brother (Telefe): “Many of the people who attack her use those adjectives that are horrible, I hope no one takes vacations and gets sick when they leave the house.”

What did the Big Brother production say to Fury?

Juliana Furia Scaglione once again received a call for attention from the production of Big Brother (Telefe) after his insults to the former participants when they entered the house to nominateand this decision calls into question his continuity in the reality show.

Although the authorities chose to begin financially sanctioning participants who break the rules so as not to expel them in the final stretch, fans repudiated their statements and many demand that it should be eliminated by a public vote.

In the last few hours, a video went viral on the networks where the participant revealed in the room of the house that the production made a strong request of her, although she seems to not agree with the decision.

“They are asking me a lot, not to say bad words,” told him Juliana to Nicolas Grosman and Emmanuel Vich. There, the member of The Bros asked him: “Did they tell you that back?”

This way, Nicholas confirmed that it is not the first time that Rage She was called by production to the confessional.

When talking about the subject, the cameras DIRECTV Go They changed the sequence and censored the conversation so that viewers would not see it.

Besides, Juliana took the opportunity to make fun of the production when he encountered Darío Martínez Corti and Virginia Demo in the patio of the house. At that moment, she stood in front of the player and said: “How are you doing, Great Father? Is everything okay? How are you? Now I have to talk like this, you see. How are you?”

Dario He took the reaction with humor Rage and it was forceful with laughter: “This is going to be difficult, huh.” Quickly, they cut the transmission for the second consecutive time where the participant once again exposed the production of Big Brother (Telefe).

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