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Eliana Guercio defended Furia after her violent attitudes in Big Brother: “She has many more values ​​than the people who criticize her”


Eliana Guercioanalyst Big Brother (Telefe)defended Rage After his violent fight with Mauro D’Alessio and in the studio several people opposed him.

The debate began when the panelists put on the table the issue of the new nomination plate, which was made up of Fury (nominated until the end of her stay), Emmanuel Vich, Martín Ku, Darío Martínez Corti and Mauro. At the end of the program, Zoe Bogach He fulfilled his role as leader and rose to Virginia Demo to go down to Florence Regidor.

What did Eliana Guercio say about Fury of Big Brother?

Subsequently, Eliana referred to the attitudes of Juliana Scaglione and expressed: “I think people realized that Furia has a lot of courage and values ​​as a person than the people who criticize her. Why do I say this? Because she is a girl who is not afraid to say thank you and apologize. They are values ​​that They enhance you a lot as a person and make you better, which is in good taste.

“She keeps saying that and it seems to me that that extreme degree of feeling that she has is what makes her explode”he added.

Then, Santiago del Moro He took the floor and joked, alluding to his broken ankle: “Were you in the sanatorium preparing all this?”

“For her, the false, the treacherous, the resentful, hurt her because she is such a noble being that she cannot even believe her existence,” he remarked Eliana. Ceferino Reato, who proved to be against Juliana On several occasions because of her attitudes, he also called her out: “Let us pray to Saint Fury”.

“She has many more values ​​than the people who criticize her. They treat her as violent, disrespectful, insulting, slandering, those are the anti Fury”said the couple Chiquito Romero.

Subsequently, Catherine Gorostidi, former reality show participant, gave his opinion on his statements and retorted: “I can’t believe it. When I came out the first time, Eliana told me ‘I’m going to tell you everything you said’. And now Furia has some values…”

“There is a topic that is very important. It is a girl who, from the inside out, you see everything, you see her love and you see the worst that she can get out of you. You are not going to get a surprise, she is not going to betray you from behind. “he concluded Eliana Guerciowhile Isabel de Negri shared his defense towards Rage.

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