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Eliana Guercio got into a fight with a trout account from Catalina Gorostidi, and received a lethal response from the real one: “Ridiculous”


Eliana Guercio got into a fight with a trout account Catalina Gorostidi online, and then received a lethal response from the real one, handled by the former participant of Big Brother (Telefe).

The panelist of The debate (Telefe) defended on several occasions Juliana “Furia” Scaglione despite his violent attitudes inside the house, and that aroused the anger of fans of the reality show on the network.

What happened between Eliana Guercio and Catalina Gorostidi

In the last hours, an account fandom of Catalina Gorostidi crossed at X to Eliana Guercio, reminding her of her slap to Marcelo Polino years ago in the middle of live Intruders (America TV): “Now you understand why he defends Furia so much, they are both equally violent.”

Crossing Eliana Guercio and Catalina Gorostidi

Far from remaining silent, the model reacted spicy but without realizing that the comment was not from the real Catalina, but from a trucho user: “Oh Cata, Cata. The most important thing about the fact is that we both had the greatness to apologize each other, forgive each other and hug each other. Tell each other that we love each other, work together again, etc. You are not up to the task of either of them. Give me a thousand Furies“.

After a tense back and forth message from Eliana with the fandom account, the real Catalina appeared and declared: “You make me ashamed @ElianaGuercio. Find out if Twitter was really yours because it seems pathetic to me. And indeed it is you. How shameful everything you say. I kiss your 29,000 followers.”

Crossing Eliana Guercio and Catalina Gorostidi

Cata, they taught me that if you are going to fight… you always have to fight upwards, never downwards. I congratulate you, you are doing well. Good Life“Chiquito Romero’s wife responded. “You are poorly educated. I never did anything to you to make you approve of the hate attacks towards me. And this is my Twitter… not the other one, ridiculous“, the doctor crossed her.

The sharp back and forth continued and, although Eliana Guercio blocked Catalina Gorostidibefore he told her: “Cata, I neither approve nor disapprove of anything. I don’t need to attack. If it bothers you that I agree that Fury, when he comes out, sees that despite being out of the game you continue to spread hate in real life, it wouldn’t be “I’m the one who has the problem. May you be very pretty.”

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