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Eliana Guercio spoke after the fracture she suffered before the Boca game: “I broke everything”


Eliana Guercio He fractured his ankle this Tuesday before Boca’s match against Estudiantes in Córdoba, and was assisted by doctors immediately. After the bad moment, the ex-vedette told how she is feeling.

Through her Instagram account, the panelist of the debate Big Brother (Telefe) He showed his foot with an orthopedic boot and wrote: “I wouldn’t know how to thank in equal measure the unbeatable care they gave me at the Sanatorio Allende in Córdoba. Professional and great people.”

Eliana Guercio after her fracture

And he added in another story on the network: “When we say that: Boca is Boca, we can also say that Boca is Family. Eternal thanks for everything you did for me and mine. Always in my heart and now even more. “Infinite thanks to the medical staff, managers and players for the support they gave us.”

At the same time, in dialogue with Teleshowdetailed about his health: “I’m fine. I broke everything but I broke in the right place, there near the Boca doctors who were total geniuses, made everything less painful and easier.”

“At the clinic too, some total geniuses attended to me at the touch of a button. Seriously, It was a lucky misfortune, the little baby who had Upa did nothing. It had to happen to me, I’m in good spirits and grateful that it was nothing more than this. I’ll have surgery and nothing happens, it could be worse“he assured.

And he told about the steps to follow for the fracture: “Today I have to visit the surgeon to see how the situation is to see if surgery can be done and when. The recovery, I imagine, is going to be long. Yesterday I wanted to go watch the game after they put the boot on me and it was impossible. I didn’t ask when I can go back to work, but I hope I can go with the boot“.

What happened to Eliana Guercio

Eliana Guercio She suffered an ankle injury and was assisted by Sergio Chiquito Romero in the run-up to Boca’s match against Estudiantes in Córdoba.

From TyC Sports They spread a video online where the model is seen holding onto the soccer player’s neck, jumping on one foot because she couldn’t support the other.

Chiquito Romero He had a big scare before entering the playing field at the Mario Alberto Kempes Stadium when assisting his wife because she could not walk.

The sports journalist Martin Arevalo confirmed the fracture and reported on X (formerly Twitter): “After the studies in Córdoba it was determined that Eliana Guerciothe wife of Sergio Romero, has a fracture in his ankle. A family that always supported each other through good and bad. “They’re going to get ahead.”

In the midst of worry, Angel de Brito gave details in LAM (America TV) and told about the situation of Eliana Guercio: “It became a ball before the Boca game. He broke his ankle, he has to go to the operating room“.

“She had a previous accident where she fell and fractured her ankle. She was accompanying her husband, the Boca doctor treated her, but She has to go to the operating room and is in pain“, he added.

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