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Emergency aid port to Gaza is half finished


American soldiers are working on the makeshift port to be set up off the coast of the Gaza Strip to bring in much-needed emergency aid. Its construction is more than halfway done, according to the Pentagon. Photo: The US Armed Forces via AP / NTB

Of NTB | 05/01/2024 21:25:06

Accidents and natural disasters: – As of today, we are more than 50 percent finished setting up the port, said Pentagon spokesperson Sabrina Singh on Wednesday. She added that it is made up of several different components.

– The floating platform is completely finished and has been set up. The footbridge is under work, Singh added. The US military is responsible for the construction of the bridge. It started last week and is expected to take around two months.

Plans for a US port of emergency were announced by President Joe Biden in March. US officials have said the supplies will be delivered without US forces going ashore.

Several countries have used airplanes to drop emergency aid into the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, but such airdrops can only cover a small part of the enormous need for emergency aid there.

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