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Emilia Attias and El Turco Naim confirmed their breakup and denied that there are third parties in disagreement


Emilia Attias and El Turco Naim They confirmed their breakup after 20 years of relationship after rumors that circulated in the media. Although there was talk of alleged infidelity on both sides, the ex-couple has decided to deny these versions.

In this way, they shared a statement that was re-uploaded by the journalist Pampito in your account x (ex Twitter) where they announced: “Given the publicly known statements regarding our relationship, we want to communicate that, with deep pain, we are going through a separation by mutual agreement”.

Likewise, they assured that “there are no third parties involved”after what Yanina Latorre established that the actress had had an affair with Nicolás Francella and the comedian with Florencia de la V. “So we appreciate not mentioning names that have nothing to do with the reasons for this situation, and that could harm both their personal lives and ours,” they requested.

Official statement on the separation of Emilia Attias and El Turco Naim
Official statement on the separation of Emilia Attias and El Turco Naim

“We have a harmonious relationship, a daughter in common, a lot of love and respect for each other. Only we know the truth of what we went through, and we have decided to keep it private. We are still family, and we are very solid in that“, they talked about the bond they formed by having Gina together.

Finally, Emilia Attias and El Turco Naim sentenced: ““We ask please for respect in the treatment of this information, since it is a very painful and intimate moment and there is a minor in the middle, which today is our absolute priority.”.

What was the version that circulated about the breakup of Emilia Attias and El Turco Naim

“I have an audio from one of the parties that certifies everything I am going to say,” the panelist announced in an enigmatic way. And she continued about the scandalous story behind the separation: “They have been bad for a while because they have different hormonal needs. But there was a first scandal that did not come to light, at a party last year, at an event. She went alone, very goddess, and someone saw her dancing very close with a guy“.

Someone called him and told him, he showed up in his pajamas at the party. She left the party and they left together“, he added. And he continued: “They fight, they argue, she convinces him that she wasn’t dancing with anyone, she told him that he was paranoid, and from then on, he is out of a job. This greatly influenced the couple. He found her hot chats with a guy. The messages were undeniable, but she told him it was nothing serious. She left him with her lover and he ‘played himself’ to get her back“.

“She demanded sex from him, which it seems he didn’t give her because he was depressed. She didn’t want to know anything more but she tried for her daughter. He, in addition to being depressed, started doing things that weren’t good, and she cut him off.. It seems that she is now in a fun situation and is unraveling it. He, a big guy, doesn’t work, spends all day…”, he added. Yanina Latorre before revealing the enigmatic.

Emilia Attias does not want to know anything more about El Turco Naim“he announced. Finally, Fernanda Iglesias he said that The man with whom the actress was dancing at the party was Nicolás Francella.

In the midst of a debate initiated by the panelists of THE M (America) after having revealed some details of the possible affair between the actors after their co-participation in the film In the spotlight, Diego Latorre’s wife covered her mouth and consulted Ángel de Brito: “He didn’t give…?”

Although their intention was for the person’s name not to appear live, the cameramen made a shot that allowed it to be heard quietly: “Flower of the V”. Immediately, the driver remembered and nodded: “Yes, of course, of course.”


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