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Emilia Attias spoke about the rumors of an affair with Nicolás Francella and was forceful


Emilia Attias broke the silence on rumors of affair with Nicolás Francella and it was forceful.

The actress was approached by the chronicler of In the afternoon (America TV) and, although she seemed uncomfortable about the situation she is experiencing after announcing her separation from Turkish Naimanswered some questions.

I didn’t decide for this to be public. I don’t want to talk, what I said I already said publicly. With Naim we have a super cordial and loving relationship, and we talk all the time, everything is fine. The things that happened to us will stay between us and we know how to handle it. It was not our decision to make it public,” he said about their breakup.

When the notero asked him about Francella, Attias stated: “Don’t put it in Nicolás, he has nothing to do with it. “There is no infidelity or third parties, they are things of the couples’ intimacy.”

What Emilia Attias said about her separation from Turco Naim

Emilia Attias appeared in the middle of scandal over his separation from Turk Naim and shared a strong post on the network.

Through her Instagram account, the actress uploaded a photo with the comedian and wrote a reflection: “When something reaches so high. So sublime. He becomes untouchable. I close my eyes. Respite. And I feel my soul fall into the void. As if from that height he is at, he fell, going through a storm. I’m not frightened”.

“I prefer consciousness. Feeling that cold wind on my face. My muscles rigid, my skin dry. Opening my eyes and fixing the direction, through all that fog. Recognizing each of its corners. Looking at them head-on. Appropriating, with every breath, of this hostility, to transform it. With humility, tune in to the wisdom of others. Accept. Grow stronger.

Emilia Attias after her separation from Turkish Naim

Heading to Turkish Naim, Emilia Attias He stressed: “If this is the moment I have to live now, at least in this way it gives me strength. I accompany you, wherever you are, hand in hand. You will always count on that. Always. Every night I send you angels to protect you and illuminate you. I feel proud of both. Because of how we go through many things. With how much delivery. Sorting through our own complex humanities.”

“I remember Thursday night, while the news show was unfolding in the media, and our cell phones were exploding, We talked on a video call for about an hour… accompanying each other, laughing with a certain sadness and resignation, at all those lies and condiments that blurred reality, typical of someone who has a truth in their hands. Flaying such intimacy. In such a light and messy way. About you About me,” she added sharply, apparently pointing against Yanina Latorrewho told the news in LAM (America TV).

Emilia Attias after her separation from Turkish Naim

“Luckily we know who we are. And how lucky we are calm. Only we know the path we have traveled. Only we know that truth.
And this blessed deep understanding of the other, which gave no room for resentment, for anger.
Everything great awaits you. Deploy that magnetism. That intelligence. That immense capacity. That power, so yours. Such heat inside that heart. I always admired a lot about you. You do not deserve that those words that float among some people today are the ones that define you.“.

“I accept everything. I decide too. I choose forgiveness. And love. Time and life will tell later. And, don’t worry. No one can take the strength I have from me. Neither can you. I saw it with my own eyes. More at once,” he concluded Emilia Attias.

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