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Emmanuel Vich confronted Bautista Mascia after the Uruguayan asked him for silence


Emmanuel Vich broke out against Bautista Mascia in Big Brother (Telefe) after the Uruguayan asked him for silence in a conversation.

Because the hairdresser on several occasions begins to talk over his colleagues when they have not yet finished, the little brother confronted him. However, that was not to his liking.

Emmanuel: I don’t like it when you shut me upDon’t shut me up anymore

Baptist: When did I shut you up?

Immanuel: You tell me ‘sh’ and I don’t like it

Baptist: I shut you up when you’re talking over others. If you don’t respect other people’s moments, I’ll tell you. I don’t know if you always respect him, sometimes you don’t.

Immanuel: I’m telling you that I don’t like it when you make me shut up. Please do not do it

Baptist: If it’s someone else’s time and you talk, that’s rude.

Immanuel: I don’t care if it’s bad manners for you, don’t shut me up because I don’t like it, especially not from a guy like you. I don’t like being shut up. This is what I am. If it makes noise to you, it’s not my problem.

Bautista: It’s a radio. Anything else?

Immanuel: Yes, don’t shut me up. You know what you do with me. And I’m not going to talk anymore because I’m very upset

Baptist: Don’t say anything, I don’t feel like fighting either Emma

Fury erupted again against the production of Big Brother

Juliana Furia Scaglione once again targeted the production of Big Brother (Telefe) after talking about his illness that he suffered inside the house.

After the special gala where the former participants re-entered to nominate each of the little brothers who are in competition, Juliana He did not hesitate to speak to the cameras Bautista Mascia in the patio of the house.

“The only thing I have to thank is that when they gave me my diagnosis, the production helped me a lot, but it breaks my balls that part of the production that is telling me that I am a piece of shit. And I am not a piece of shit. “shit”he began saying.

“I’m not going to keep quiet and if that’s why I eat third place, I’ll eat it stupidly but I know I’m first because I played hard, friend,” He launched.


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