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Employees at the National Museum demand that the museum promotes Palestinian art


70 National Museum employees have signed a petition demanding an immediate ceasefire, the promotion of Palestinian art, protection of Palestinian artists and a boycott of Israeli institutions. Photo: Rodrigo Freitas / NTB

Of NTB | 22.04.2024 19:51:39

War and conflicts: – We are worried about the museum’s ability to survive in the future if it does not take a clearer social responsibility. The museum’s management cannot choose part of the vision and discard the rest, says a spokesperson for the employees who stand behind the petition, to NRK.

The person has signed on the petition with full name, but wishes to remain anonymous in the press.

The 70 employees who have signed demand, among other things, that the National Museum should highlight the Palestinian art that is part of the museum’s collection. But above all, they demand that the museum join the call for a permanent ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

– To say nothing about what is happening in Gaza today is to deal tacitly with a genocide and the destruction of part of our common cultural heritage, write the employees in the petition.

They also ask that the museum, which is the Nordic region’s largest art museum, boycott artistic and financial links to Israeli institutions.

Museum director Ingrid Røynesdal tells NRK that the management regularly discusses how the National Museum should deal with this and other conflicts.

– The board’s and management’s main line as a national museum is not to take a position on geopolitical conflicts. The National Museum’s vision is to make art easily accessible to everyone, says Røynesdal.

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