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Esmeralda Miter broke the silence about the scandal with the rehearsal of her program on El Nueve: “There were never any screams”


Esmeralda Miter broke the silence and clarified what happened in El Nueve during the rehearsal of the program that will have if you reach an agreement with the channel.

Angel de Brito had told details about the actress’s fury through her X account (formerly Twitter): “Scandal on Channel 9. Emerald Miter abandoned the rehearsal of his game show that was planned to start next week“.

“He fell with a coat and down in his pajamas. He made a fuss because he wants a song and dance show, and the format is a game show. Furthermore, he wants celebrities and it is planned that it will be with an audience,” said the journalist.

Scandal with Esmeralda Miter in El Nueve

So he got angry and left without going through the studio. It was the second rehearsal. The first was during the week and it was also a disaster,” said De Brito.

What happened to Esmeralda Miter in El Nueve

After the commotion, Marina Calabro communicated with Emerald Miter and revealed on the air Wool without Filter (Radio Miter) their statements. “I expected a categorical, indignant denial…”, the journalist introduced before reading the actress’s texts.

The program is not yet confirmed because we are finishing viewing the content. If we agree, the promotions would go out and we would start. For that there were rehearsals. At one point we went out to exchange ideas about the content, but there was never any shouting,” said Bartolom√© Mitre’s daughter.

“The meeting was in an office because the content had to be changed. In fact, the program was never confirmed by me, it was leaked from somewhere. Until it is the way we want, it is not confirmed. If it turns out well we go out, if not, no,” she added.

Finally, Marina Calabro told about the claims of Esmeralda Miter in The nine: “She confirmed to me that the channel wants an entertainment program and she doesn’t, she wants a performative one.“.

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