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Esmeralda Miter furiously denied having been a victim of violence by her partner, Paolo Vianini: “A shame”


Emerald Miter denied having been a victim of violence by her partner, Paolo Vianini, and exploded furiously against In the afternoon (América TV) for the information they gave.

I didn’t notice them worried, they didn’t call me to check the information. If they had been doing everything you said to me, the least they would have had to say is ‘what’s happening to you, poor thing.’ I am very angry with you. Do they call me for everything and not for this? Don’t be stupid“, the actress shouted.

“It is a very serious thing, a false testimony. It is making the channel look bad. It is a shame“, he declared Emerald Miter.

“This is my image, my boyfriend’s image, and there is a family behind. It is absolutely a lie. I am happy with him, in fact, in two weeks I am going on a trip with him. “I don’t know what they’re saying, if you have evidence, show it,” the famous woman said furiously.

What happened to Esmeralda Miter

On Tuesday, journalist Diego Esteves said that Emerald Miter would have suffered an attack by his partner and detailed: “We are talking about a possible situation of violence. They whitewashed their relationship a little over a month ago. What we get from two sources very close to Esmeralda’s inner circle is that there was a situation of violence between them over the weekend in the family field where he lives.“.

Then he read texts from his sources, which detailed: “There would have been blows, broken furniture. They tell me about the strong character of both of them and it wouldn’t be the first time. “She was installed in the boyfriend’s family house, he would have wanted to throw her out and there would have been trouble.”

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