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Esteban Trebucq spoke again about the alleged affair with Viviana Canosa


Esteban Trebucq He referred to his alleged affair with his colleague Viviana Canosa when both were part of A24, in mid-2023.

On his visit to #Angel Responds (Bondi Live), de Brito consulted him about this approach he would have had with the journalist a year ago. Yes ok I had already asked him about that situation in THE M (America)the driver wanted to continue investigating about it.

Then, the journalist assured: “Oh Vivi, goddess too. We didn’t get to work together but…”immediately interrupted him to investigate: “But did you like him?”

“What did I like? To go out? No”, he flatly denied. Therefore, Ángel de Brito remembered the old rumor: “Didn’t you think it was cool? In an elevator.” “I don’t remember… no, that was an invention”continued with his story.

“At a dinner, when did all the hosts of La Red go to a dinner?” the entertainment journalist retorted. “No, I didn’t shoot him. We sit together and talk“, he stated.

Although, he did not give in: “Did they drink whiskey together?” “No, she did come. Did she drink whiskey?” She remembered and the streaming host told her: “She does, she drinks whiskey.”

Finally, Esteban Trebuck launched: “I send my regards to Vivi. No, nothing happened, I didn’t confront her” after assuring that he would not like to go out with her “because it would be a mess. We couldn’t go anywhere.” “I mean, do you want to go out with calm people?” Ángel de Brito asked him, so he concluded: “Yes, that’s why. But goddess Vivi, good girl. We were there in the summer, we shared with the family, I was with my daughters and she was with her daughter.

What Esteban Trebucq said about his alleged affair with Viviana Canosa

“I heard in the radio corridors all the time that you want to give Canosa. I heard it from Luis Majul, that they went to a dinner and that they smelled each other in an elevator…”he commented Angel de Brito in THE M (America). So your guest Esteban Trebucq He smiled and replied: “Nothing happened… she already told him.”

At that time, Yanina Latorre did not believe him: “Yes! You were next to him and you were intense”, which caused “El Pelado” to get nervous and blush, causing the joke of “he turned red”.


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