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Estefanía Pasquini spoke of Adrián Cormillot’s support for Tamara Pettinato in the midst of the commotion: “He must have liked the mess that arose”


Stephanie Pasquini He clarified what his relationship is like with Adrian Cormillotwho liked a post by Tamara Pettinato and he would have called her to show solidarity after the commotion over the nutritionist’s post, according to what they said in Show Partners (The thirteen).

“How is your relationship with Adrián? Because he liked a publication by Tamara Pettinato,” asked Alejandro Guatti, chronicler of Intruders (América TV) to Alberto Cormillot’s wife during a mobile phone call this Monday.

He must have liked the mess that arose. We don’t talk about that because I don’t talk about the notes they make nor is it talked about… Nobody messes with anything the other does, everyone is free to do what they want“said Estefania.

In turn, the doctor clarified the reason for her strong reaction against Roberto Pettinato’s daughter: “I was looking at something else, friends told me and I started to look. It made noise, it’s not correct and He hit me in a place where it hurts a lot because it was very difficult for me to get pregnant. She bothered me that she messed with my husband and my son.“.

Pasquini also told how Alberto Cormillot reacted to the commotion and revealed that he took it calmly: “The next day we met here in Matter of weight, because in the morning he leaves super early, and I tell him, ‘hey, a note came out. I wasn’t okay with what I did.’ And he tells me ‘oh, what did you do for saying that? Take it as if they are things that will always be said.’ He is very calm“.

What happened between Estefanía Pasquini and Tamara Pettinato

Stephanie Pasquini he responded without filter to Tamara Pettinatoafter the panelist made harsh comments about the age at which the Dr. Alberto Cormillot He decided to become a parent again while criticizing the age difference between the nutritionist couple.

Blessed TV (El Nueve) aired a report where Estefanía Pasquini referred to the scares that have been caused by the hospitalizations of Alberto Cormillot. In this context, Tamara Pettinato questioned the couple who has a young son.

“It doesn’t seem right to me that people at 85 have a baby. I don’t like that she’s 38 and…”said the El Nueve panelist after seeing the report with the word of Pasquini, who in dialogue with Socios del Espectáculo (Eltrece) said that since the birth of his son Emilio She began to “worry” more about her husband’s health.

Aware, the nutritionist and member of Cuestión de Peso (Eltrece) showed her indignation by sharing what Tamara said on her Instagram account. Noticeably angry, Pasquini doubled down with a lapidary phrase that included Felipe Pettinato.

“I think it’s uglier to set someone on fire.”Pasquini wrote in a story, referring to the indictment of Felipe Pettinato for the crime of arson followed by death in the case investigating the death of neurologist Melchor Rodrigo44 years old, a doctor who treated him and with whom he later had a strong friendship, who lost his life in the apartment of Roberto Pettinato’s son.

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