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Eurovision chaos in Malmö – uncertain whether the Netherlands will be allowed to participate


The fate of Dutch Eurovision artist Joost Klein is still completely unclear. Photo: Martin Meissner / AP / NTB.

Of NTB | 10.05.2024 19:53:59

Culture and entertainment: The European Broadcasting Union EBU has launched investigations against the Netherlands’ contribution.

The drama started suddenly when Klein, completely without warning, was absent from the first dress rehearsal before Saturday’s final on Friday.

While the rehearsal was still taking place, the EBU confirmed that he was under investigation for an “incident”, without giving further details.

– For the time being, he will not participate in the tests, the organizers say.

Aftonbladet writes on his side that Klein is accused of having been violent towards a woman in the production team.

– I don’t know how serious it is or what has happened, but the EBU is investigating this right now, says the newspaper’s source, who has access to the production.

They also write that a crisis meeting has been held in the EBU on the matter.

Throughout the day, there have been several rumors and unconfirmed reports about what has happened. Several have also speculated whether the events are about a conflict linked to Israel’s participation.

Klein’s behavior during a press conference on Thursday night has been highlighted, where he occasionally hid his head under a flag – and engaged himself for Israel’s Eden Golan to answer a burning question.

– We await the results of these investigations, they write in an update to the Dutch press.

They do not wish to comment on the matter until this is clear.

On Friday at 9 p.m., a new dress rehearsal will be held, which will lay the foundation for the jury votes. It is usually considered very important, since the jury votes account for 50 percent of the result.

According to several Swedish media, the case is about Klein getting into a physical confrontation with a photographer SVT.

The Dutch newspaper A.D writes that the apparatus around Joost confirms that investigations have been initiated.


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