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Evangelina Anderson revealed what Argentine food she never tried and surprised everyone: “As a baby I rejected it”


Evangelina Anderson counted in his official Instagram account that he never ate meat, and never would. There, she made reference to the fact that he never ate white meat, red meat, or fish, and it is because since she was little she rejected it. Likewise, she revealed whether her children eat it or not.

“Are you vegetarian? How do you avoid eating meat? I’m trying”, a follower asked him in the question box. And she answered sincerely: “I never ate meat in my life. No red meat, no chicken, no fish. Living abroad, they asked me if I had never eaten a barbecue as an Argentinian. No, I never tried roast. My mother tells me that since she was a baby she rejected her.”

What hurt the community the most was that he did not eat barbecue. Immediately afterwards, another of his followers asked him if he made his children consume meat or not: “I never intended to discourage them from eating meat nor did I intend to push them into it. It’s my decision and I don’t want to convince anyone. “I always respect each person’s decision.”

Evangelina Anderson does not eat barbecue
Evangelina Anderson on her Instagram account @evangelinaanderson

AND Evangelina Anderson hill: “In my opinion, and as long as the children are raised with love and with healthy habits, the decision is exclusive to the parents who always try to do the best for them.”

What did Evangelina Anderson do?

Evangelina Anderson She stopped by the hair salon to refresh her look, and shared the process with their followers on the network.

In the photos he shared on his account instagramyou see the jury “The 8 steps“(El Trece) on his back with his hair a little darker than usual, and in the second photo he showed some strands of hair, referring to the fact that he cut the ends.

Evangelina Anderson change of look 1
Evangelina Anderson change of look

The dancer, and wife of Martín Demichellis, was encouraged to change her look thanks to the insistence of her hairdresser Cristian Rey. In his second story, he called on his followers to vote: “Do you want to see how it turned out on me? “.

Evangelina Anderson change of look
Evangelina Anderson change of look

Finally, Evangelina Anderson He posted his new look hours later, and accompanied the video with a “Good day”, from the advisor of your building.

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