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Evangelina Anderson revealed why she is not going to stay and live in Argentina: “My house is in Marbella”


Evangelina Anderson was answering the questions of his followers on Instagramand surprised everyone by saying that his wedding was not in Argentina, but that his real home was in Marbella.

The woman of Martin Demichelis, is in the country since he himself is directing the River Plate Athletic Club, and assured that her life is where her husband leads. But, where she has all her things and life is in the Spanish city.

Evangelina Anderson and her stay in the country
Evangelina Anderson and her stay in the country

“Do you plan to stay here permanently?”, one of his followers asked him. And he answered: “No. My house (where I have everything) is in Marbella.”

Finally, Evangelina Anderson hill: “And as everyone knows, the life of a football coach consists of living wherever his profession takes us.”

Evangelina Anderson posed with the new River Plate shirt

Evangelina Anderson wore the new t-shirt her husband’s team and it lit up the internet immediately, the post generated many likes, and millions of comments full of praise for the wife of the former soccer player and now coach.

“How crazy, Eva!”wrote one follower. “Only she can look like that”, “I want to be that woman”, “Now I really like that shirt” and “You are beautiful” were other of the hundreds of comments.

Evangelina Anderson's photos
Evangelina Anderson’s photos

Evangelina Anderson She is present in her husband’s every step as the club’s coach, and to deny any type of rumor about a crisis in the couple, she posts their relationship daily on her official Instagram account.

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