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Excited in the Eritrean environment before marking in Bergen


Police Chief of Staff Gustav Magne Landro has sent out extra crews to keep calm in central Bergen. Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

Of NTB | 25.05.2024 13:23:04

Policy: In September last year, a street brawl broke out between Eritreans in the center of Bergen. Over 70 police officers fought to gain control, and tear gas and barricades were used.

The level of tension between the two Eritrean groups in Norway is higher than ever, says Suraffel Mehari Beyene (27) to NRK.

– It is a step up since September. We have explained our concern to the police and the municipality. Many are frustrated and angry, he says.

It is the Eritrean Association in Hordaland that organizes the national day celebration. Chairman Hidru Ghebremichael has previously denied that they support the regime. The markings are about keeping their culture and language, he explained to NRK in connection with the riots in September last year.

There have also been similar clashes in other countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Canada and Israel.

– We monitor the situation with intelligence from hour to hour to try to predict what may happen and adapt the operational efforts accordingly, says chief of staff Gustav Landro in the West police district.

He does not want to exaggerate the danger of noise and says people can safely stay in the city centre. But you should be prepared that there will be more police than usual on the streets and that roadblocks may be set up. This particularly applies to the Vågsbunnen area and around Kong Oscarsgate, according to the chief of staff.

The groups are divided between those who support the regime in Eritrea and those who are critical of the regime. Some oppositionists say there are “false refugees” in Norway who exercise social control over those who are critical of the regime.

The police in Bergen say they are following the situation closely. They are trying to find out how many visitors are expected.

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