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F1 schedule: How to watch the 2023 Monaco Grand Prix

The biggest week of the Formula 1 season is here, with the Monaco Grand Prix.

Teams and drivers are set to take on the most unique circuit on the F1 calendar, as drivers will weave, wind, and work their way through the Monte Carlo streets. Between the glitz and glamor that Monaco offer and perhaps some of the most iconic scenery in motorsport, the Monaco Grand Prix remains the “crown jewel” of the F1 world.

It is the race every fan wants to attend, every celebrity wants to be seen at, and every driver wants to win.

While it might not offer the sheer speed that F1 fans and drivers love, Monaco’s twists, turns, and corners offer some of the most thrilling moments each season. Overtaking is minimal during the race itself, so qualifying is basically the ballgame in Monaco.

Here’s how to watch, and what to watch for, in the 2023 Monaco Grand Prix.

How To Watch (all times Eastern):

  • practices 1 – Friday May 26 – 7:25 am – ESPN2/ESPN Deportes/WatchESPN
  • practice 2 – Friday May 26 – 10:55 am – ESPN2/ESPN Deportes/WatchESPN
  • practices 3 – Saturday May 27 – 6:25 am – ESPN2/ESPN Deportes/WatchESPN
  • qualifying – Saturday May 27 – 9:55 am – ESPN/ESPN Deportes/WatchESPN
  • Grand Prix Sunday (Pre-race Show) – Sunday May 28 – 7:30 am – ABC/ESPN Deportes/WatchESPN
  • Grand Prix Race – Sunday May 28 – 8:55 am – ABC/ESPN Deportes/WatchESPN

What to watch:

There it is in all its glory.

Monaco contains just a single DRS zone, located at the end of the third sector. As drivers come out of Turn 19, the final right-handed turn of the lap, they will try to get up to speed as quickly as possible to maximize that lone DRS section of the track.

Other than that stretch, and the tunnel section in the second sector, Monaco is a twisting test. The most iconic portion of the circuit is likely the Grand Hotel Hairpin, located at Turn 6, which drivers take at approximately 30 miles per hour. That makes it the slowest part of the F1 season.

For a driver’s-eye view of Monaco, you can ride along with Charles Leclerc in this video shared by Ferrari on Wednesday:

Leclerc is no stranger to the streets of Monte Carlo, as this is where the Ferrari driver grew up. As he notes in the above video he caught the bus to school at the start/finish line, and learned to swim in the swimming pool located alongside the famous Piscine turn.

Leclerc’s home race — and his bitter luck in it — is just one of the major storylines this week.

  • Eight big storylines facing F1 this weekincluding all the teams bringing upgrades, the future of the Monaco Grand Prix itself, and more.
  • Leclerc’s brutal Monaco History
  • Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolff is convinced Lewis Hamilton wants to return to the team
  • McLaren unveiled a special”triple crown” theme for this week, honoring their status as the only team to win the Triple Crown of Motorsport
  • Leclerc’s tough Monaco luck seems to extend to the football pitch
  • Aston Martin and Honda have entered into a works partnership starting with the 2026 season
  • No, Carlos Sainz Jr. did not get hurt in the charity football match, #StopInventing
  • Guenther Steiner and Haas focusing on “communication” this week
  • If you’re looking to capture the flavor of Monaco, Elizabeth Blackstock’s Grand Prix Gastronomy project, where she prepares a local dish from each host country during race week, has you covered. This week? Barbagiuan, a pastry filled traditionally with Swiss chard and ricotta, but there are different varieties. Also, this project is awesome — as is all the motorsport coverage Elizabeth provides — and you should totally subscribe.
  • All the F1 terms you need to know before Sunday’s Grand Prix

2023 Monaco Grand Prix (odds as of May 24)

drivers winners top 6 top 10
drivers winners top 6 top 10
Max Verstappen +115 -500 -700
Sergio Perez +285 -450 -550
Charles Leclerc +330 -400 -500
Fernando Alonso +650 -400 -500
Lewis Hamilton +3000 -300 -450
Carlos Sainz Jr. +3000 -300 -450
George Russell +3500 -250 -400
Lance Stroll +10000 -110 -280
Pierre Gasly +30000 +380 -200
Lando Norris +30000 +600 -150
Esteban Ocon +30000 +380 -200
Yuki Tsunoda +60000 +1800 +185
Valtteri Bottas +60000 +1400 +250
Oscar Piastri +60000 +1400 +225
Nyck de Vries +60000 +4000 +550
Nick Hulkenberg +60000 +1400 +160
Logan Sargeant +60000 +4000 +650
Kevin Magussen +60000 +1600 +175
Zhou Guanyu +60000 +3500 +330
Alexander Albon +60000 +1600 +235

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