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Fabiana Cantilo admitted to having been in love with Charly García


Fabiana Cantilo had dated Charlie Garcia for a timea little less than 40 years ago, when Fito Paez appeared in his life and displaced him to become her partner for six years.

Although the singer has mentioned this situation on other occasions, in her interview in I dreamed that I was flying (Olga) revealed how the events really occurred and told why she did not want to continue with the renowned artist: “Charly was offended because I said he had thousands of mines and I escaped him. Maybe I gave him the ball but suddenly he said ‘I don’t want any more’. I was in love badlybut he had his arsenal.”

“And, out of nowhere, Fito appeared and Fito kills Charly”explained the interpreter, so Jimena Baron He added: “You fired Charly because of Fito.” Then, he assured: “Yes, that’s what I always say. Because, apart from that, Fito was hypnotizing.”.

What is the reality of Fabiana Cantilo

Fabiana Cantilo spoke about her financial situation and assured that she has to do at least two shows per month to be able to pay the rent.

The singer spoke with Infobae and acknowledged: “I spent all my money. I have to live from day to day“. When they asked her if she sings for a living today, she was honest: “Yes, and it’s good because otherwise she wouldn’t sing, she’d be lying under a palm tree and she’d suck my egg.”

I have to do at least two shows a month, put it. To pay the rent because on top of that I don’t have a house. I say: ‘Fuck you for being a drug addict’, for being one before. ‘Fuck you for not doing things right.’ “I’m not complaining,” she added.

“Doing all those things, going without sleep and canceling shows makes the producers tell you ‘I’m not going to hire this one at all.’ So, I didn’t have anything like Lali, like Fito, who are organized people, who do well and have the money they deserve because they work, because they are workaholics, too. I don’t. I am lady lazy“he acknowledged Fabiana Cantilo.


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