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Farmer leader resigns from SP in protest


Agriculture Minister Geir Pollestad (Sp) went to the opposition to get a majority for a new agricultural policy. Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB

Of NTB | 13.04.2024 04:33:08

Policy: General Secretary Anton Langeland speaks The nation that the Center Party has failed agriculture.

– Now they appear as a guarantor of still underfinancing of agriculture, says Langeland to the newspaper.

On Thursday evening, the government secured a majority for a new agricultural policy. The governing parties Sp and Ap usually work closely with SV in the Storting, but this time they went to the Conservatives and Liberals to get a majority on how the farmers’ income should be calculated.

In the calculation, it is assumed that farmers will work 145 hours more than others a year.

The farmer’s income must also be adjusted up by 20 per cent before it is compared with the wages of other occupational groups, because the government believes that not all farmers optimize their opportunities for earnings.

A third controversial point is that farmers should not get any return on the equity they have invested in land.

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