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Faye Winter slams ‘d**khead* ex Teddy Soares after claims he ‘cheated’ and bedded girl in a hotel room

FAYE Winter has slammed her ex-boyfriend Teddy as “d**kheds” after claims that he “cheated” on her with a girl in a hotel room.

The former estate agent, who has remained coy on the reason for their split in the past, recently suggested the hunk had been messaging other girls behind her back.

Faye Winter has branded her ex-boyfriends 'd**kheads'


Faye Winter has branded her ex-boyfriends ‘d**kheads’Credit: Youtube/Saving Grace
The Love Island beauty opened up about a video showing Teddy with a group of girls


The Love Island beauty opened up about a video showing Teddy with a group of girlsCredit: Getty

Faye, 27, has now addressed a video showing Teddy getting into a taxi with a group of girls, after one of the girls claimed he “cheated” with her in a hotel room.

GK asked Faye what her previous relationships have been like, with the fiery blonde replying: “All my exes are d**kheads but I would speak to all of them.

“The only problem is that I don’t care enough to hold any hate, I just don’t have it in my heart.”

The Love Island star then admitted that she would never truly know what went on that night, but revealed that new information has come to light.

Faye continued: “I feel like there is always three sides of the truth, so you’ve got his truth, her truth and the truth.

“I weren’t personally there and I’m still finding things out up until a few months ago, just after Christmas there was more that came out, it’s just one of those things what do you believe? What don’t you believe?

“With social media it’s really hard. You don’t want to believe s**t, you want to see the good in people, you want to really believe that he didn’t do it. But I wasn’t there in that hotel room.”

The podcast host was then keen to know if Faye had reached out to the girl in question.

GK asked: “Have you messaged the girl?”

Faye explained: “Not until recently but also I feel protective of her in a weird way. Cos I can’t imagine the s*** that she got, and I can’t imagine being in that situation.

“I wouldn’t want that for my little sister or my family member, it is hard, and she is still young.

“So I just think, mate, if you bagged yourself a banging lad, good on you, if he had a girlfriend at the same time, all hell, well done, I ain’t in that relationship anymore.”

Last month Faye fuelled cheating rumours when a troll cruelly commented on her picture: “Teddy had a lucky escape. Thankfully he’s with his new girl now.”

In response, Faye hit back: “Aww I’m happy for him. At least the messages came to something good.”

In March, The Sun told how Faye decided to end her relationship with Teddy after crisis talks broke down, and she’s since moved out of the £1m mansion she shared with her ex, and into her own pad with her pooch Bonnie.

The couple first met on Love Island in 2021 but by the beginning of last year, the relationship had hit a rocky patch which they were unable to recover from.

Faye has spoken about how hard the split has been, telling The Sun: “It’s hard because I went into Love Island to purely find someone and I said anything on top of that was an added bonus.

“Obviously it’s hard, it’s always going to be hard. I’ve never been in a situation where I’ve been in relationship in the public eye and I’ve had to go through a break-up in the public eye.

“So obviously it’s been hard and everything that’s been hard in my life post-Love Island, I’ve always had Teddy there to help me deal with it and visa versa, I’ve always helped him.

“So I think that’s the hardest part because I can’t just ring him and be like ‘I’m struggling’.

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“That’s the hardship of it because its always been us.

“But at the same time, I’m no longer part of Feddy – this is just Faye and that’s always going to be difficult.”

The reality star has since reached out to the girl in question


The reality star has since reached out to the girl in questionCredit: Instagram
Faye said she'll never truly know what went on that night


Faye said she’ll never truly know what went on that nightCredit: Getty

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