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Federico Hoppe revealed what the separation between Marcelo Tinelli and El Chato Prada was like: “Everything is more than fine”


Federico Hoppe spoke with LAM (America TV), and stated that the breakup of the trio of producers (Marcelo Tinelli, El chato Prada, and him) It was purely work. Likewise, she confirmed that they had different horizons, and that their relationship is more than fine. Then, he did not want to break the privacy of the conversation, and said that only he knows the reasons. El Chato.

What did Federico Hoppe say about El Chato Prada?

“I’m fine. The truth is that Chato is someone that I love very much and that we have a beautiful story. There’s not much more to it than that. They know that I am not one to go out and clarify, nor do I like to speak publicly much, but this is someone I love and that everything is more than fine. “We were never in a fight, this has to do with something strictly work-related.”began Hoppe.

Regarding his connection with El Chatohe remarked: “Personally, everything is more than fine. In fact, yesterday, we saw each other. It is a 100% labor issue. We worked together for a long time and now we don’t, and that doesn’t mean I’m wrong with him at all. It’s something I talked to him about and everything is super clear. When we work, we always respect each other a lot.”

And continued: “Obviously, working as a pair has another responsibility and also another way of working.”

Hoppe added: “Driving a car with two steering wheels is not the same as driving it with one. We accustomed everyone to the fact that there were always two of us in the place where there was always one. But, that was our way and it gave us very good results. The truth is that we always work very well. Whenever he needs something from me, I will be there and I feel the same from him towards me.”

Finally, Federico Hoppe closed the topic: “I went straight ahead and he was the first one I spoke to. It was mid-October last year, a long time ago since I spoke. I sat down with Chato, we talked for a long time and I explained everything to him. I told him what I felt. I can’t tell you what he feels, that’s up to him. I always spoke to him with a lot of love, I spoke to him from a super healthy place and from something that I feel. Everything is fine on our side and I feel it on Chato’s side too.”

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