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Felipe Pettinato was sentenced to nine months in prison for abuse of a minor


Felipe Pettinato He was sentenced to nine months in prison for having sexually abused his ex-sister-in-law when he was 15 years old. In any case, he should not go to jail.

This decision was made after the trial that took place behind closed doors in the Correctional Court No. 1 of San Isidro, in a single day. In it, the victim, the complainant’s mother, the woman’s ex-partner, her ex Sofía Colasante, testified. Tamara Pettinato and psychological experts who performed tests on the girl and Felipe. The accused did not want to testify.

Felipe Pettinato after being sentenced to prison
Felipe Pettinato after being sentenced to prison (Capture: TN)

According to the Justice ruling, Roberto Pettinato’s son must comply with certain standards until April 29, 2026 since he will not go to prison. In this way, he will have to maintain his place of residence, continue with a psychological treatment for at least two years and present reports on its evolution.

What was the incident for which he was accused?

Felipe Pettinato He had been reported for abuse due to an event that occurred in March 2018. The complainant was 15 years old at the time of the events and is the half-sister of his ex-partner and the mother of his daughter. The young woman testified at the Vicente López Gender Prosecutor’s Office, San Isidro district, in 2019.

I was on the couch at home, in a two-seat chair, lying in a ‘ball’ with my back facing the opposite side of the back of that chair. That day Felipe was in his room with Sofía (his sister) and to go to the living room he has to go through a door until he gets to where I was.“, he recounted in his statement in the Gesell Chamber.

Felipe came out of the kitchen with a coffee in one of his hands and when he approached where I was lying with his other hand he touched my bottom and my neck.…”, and there he begins to recount the act of which no further details could be shared.

The victim could not tell the incident immediately and the Victim Care Center He explained in this regard: “There was an ability to put his emotions into words about it. At this point she located feeling depressed, having lowered her school performance, suffering from sleep disorders – sleep insomnia and nightmares -, feeling afraid of men in general.“.

In the words of the youngest, “I think I couldn’t tell it before because I couldn’t accept what had happened, that it was Felipe, that he was with Sofia and the baby.. “I thought that if I told it, something was going to happen in the family, that my relationship with Sofía was not going to be the same.”

Why Felipe Pettinato’s judicial situation is complicated

In addition to having been convicted of sexual abuse of his ex-sister-in-law, Felipe Pettinato has another cause for which he is being prosecuted. In it, he is accused of having been responsible for the death of his friend Melchor Rodrigo.

The doctor died in the Palermo apartment of Tamara Pettinato’s brother, so Judge Osvaldo Rappa determined last December that he intended to cause the flames that caused the event that cost the victim his life.


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