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Fernanda Iglesias spoke about the panic attack she suffered at LAM: “I thought I was going to die”


Fernanda Iglesias broke down on the air of LAM (América TV) on Monday, May 27 and, after concern, gave details about what happened.

Through her Instagram account, the journalist shared a video talking about the panic attack she suffered and wrote: “I was asked a lot these days why I wasn’t in LAM, and this is the pure truth. Panic attacks are real “The fear is real. And the people who love you, save you. Thank you all for the immense support.”

“At that time I didn’t know, I thought I was having a heart attack. My chest started to hurt a lot, it felt like I had an elephant’s foot stepping on me. The pain shot up to my neck and jaw, and I thought I was going to die.“, he recounted Fernanda Iglesias in the video.

“Luckily, my co-workers immediately helped me. They took me to a place where I was a little more contained, they called the ambulance and the doctors came, who measured my pressure and oxygen. They told me I was fine and later I had an EKG, which was also fine. They told me I had to rest, but that it was emotional. That was when I realized that I had had a panic attack because the pain existed and the feeling of death too.“, he added.

“That day, to calm me down, it helped me that there were people around who wanted to help me. Having the doctors come also calmed me down. It helped me a lot to cry a little, I freed myself. If something similar happens to you, take refuge in love, it is the only thing that will save you. Love saves and takes care of your mental health“he concluded Fernanda Iglesias.

What happened to Fernanda Iglesias

Fernanda Iglesias She broke down on air on LAM (América TV) on Monday, May 27, and was treated urgently by doctors.

The incident went unnoticed at the time but this Tuesday, the journalist explained what happened to her. First, she told through her Instagram stories: “Yesterday at LAM I was ready and I started to get a pain in my chest that couldn’t be there, so I went to the dressing room. I went to my house, I called the ambulance, they did an electrocardiogramI was quite well but they recommended that I go see a cardiologist because it is not the first time that this has happened to me.

After the worry, the little angel returned to LAM (America TV) this Tuesday and gave more details about the bad moment he experienced: “I was sitting waiting for the program to start, and I got a pain in my chest. I had panic attacks, but I arrived well, with good vibes…”.

My face began to transform. I went to the dressing room, SAME came and took my blood pressure and oxygen. The pressure was half high for me. The electrocardiogram came out fine, so the doctor told me that it could happen, that something emotional happened. The pain exists, it’s real, it’s not that you make it up,” she added.

“It had happened to me before, but this is different from the panic attacks I had,” he said. Fernanda Iglesias.

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