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Fierce crossover between Sol Pérez and Laura Ubfal in Big Brother: “It seems to me that you want Twitter to celebrate you”


Sol Perez and Laura Ubfal they had several confrontations in El Debate de Gran Hermano (Telefe) as panelistsand this time was no exception after debating on the program about the plays of Juliana Furia Scaglione against Coty Romeroone of the great protagonists of reality.

What happened between Sol Pérez and Laura Ubfal in Big Brother?

The incident occurred after they showed a tape where Mauro D’Alessio talked with Rage about the move they could make to get information out of Coty Romerofrom Corrientes who was also a participant in the last edition.

It turns out that Juliana First he wanted to know what were the things that bothered him. Mauro of her, because she repeated many times that she would like her to be eliminated from the program since it favored her game.

However, Rage offered to Mauro meet with Coty with the intention of “to conquer her” to know their strategies inside the house. The player thinks it is a way to destabilize her game, although Mauro He seemed interested in continuing with her before making a decision. The participant even agreed to give her money from her prize in case she was the winner of the reality show. with the aim of “using” Corrientes.

Subsequently, the spicy exchange between the panelists began and when Santiago del Moro he gave the floor to Ubfalshe noted: “What I’m saying is to have a little humor like Fury, who is a genius and dies of laughter and doesn’t mean it, please.”

At that moment, Sol Perez She did not remain silent and told him: “It seems to me that you want Twitter to celebrate you, and the truth is that what he said about a woman is horrible. Sorry, I don’t buy it. I don’t buy that a woman says that about another because the link is with the kid. He told her conc* hot. Do you think?”

“It’s horrible that he talks like that about a woman at a table where there were a lot of people and no one told her ‘I think you have a connection with Mauro.”he clarified.

In fact, Gaston Trezeguet He defended his partner and explained: “Laura, there is a reality. If it is Mauro who wants to hand over Furia for information, you would be hated. This is true.”

Then, Catalina Gorostidi She was among the former invited participants, and also supported the panelist’s statements: “I love how Laura analyzes Furia as if she were her lifelong close friend. It’s like Sol says. She wants everyone to celebrate her on Twitter. Furia is no genius, she makes terrible comments. I don’t think anyone here would like to be here.” living with Fury and listening to the horrible and terrible things he says.

“And I’m sorry about Mauro, but I don’t believe it. For her, Mauro is important and the smallest thing he does, she’s behind him,” sentenced Katherine.

Finally, the majority of those present were on the side of Sol Perez and criticized the defense of Laura Ubfal toward Juliana Furia Scaglione for his plays in Big Brother (Telefe).

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