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Fierce shouting match between Mauro D’Alessio against Emmanuel Vich and Furia in Big Brother: “You’re not going to win”


Mauro D’Alessiowho joined Rage As soon as he entered the house Big Brother (Telefe) as his main alliance, he had a spicy crossing with Emmanuel Vich and Juliana Scaglione He came out to defend his partner.

What happened to Mauro D’Alessio and his crossing with Emmanuel Vich and Furia?

Initially, the conversation began while Mauro mentioned Coty Romero saying that “He had little left inside the house.” Along the same lines, Juliana came out to attack him and expressed: “You’re going to stay with Coty if you keep pumping my balls”. AND D’Alessio asked him: “What did I swell your balls with?”

“So you want me to leave, idiot. You want my friend to leave. What’s wrong with you, idiot?”answered Juliana. Meanwhile, Immanuel He got into the conversation and said: “She’s a ghost. Let her get out of here, idiot.”

“Then you tell me: Would you like to have a relationship with me outside? And I don’t know, you make me doubt, because the truth is that this is the most important thing in my life. If you here want me to leave… how am I going to have a relationship with you outside?”said the most controversial player in the house.

For this reason, Mauro He did not remain silent and replied: “Okay, but it’s a game”. And she remarked: “You’re not understanding, you’re not going to win, you understand? That’s your problem. Since you’re not going to win, because you arrived late and it’s not my fault, you want to take us out because you feel threatened.”

“You don’t know. What? I can’t play either?”he insisted Mauro in the question. “Yes, you can play… but don’t think that you are going to take someone out as an eminence because you just arrived. Don’t come and act crazy and say ‘I want you to leave’! Who are you?”Fury replied.

At that time, D’Alessio aimed against Immanuel and clarified: “I just don’t like what he does.” Yes ok Scaglione He said that “he had to know the best part of his partner”He added: “I don’t like it because it belongs to everyone, you are the owner of a lot of things, when not.”

There, the confrontation with Vich also began. “Let him take it as he sings the ortho”said Immanuel. “No, well… It’s my feeling, friend. You only see the bad of what I take badly,” argument Mauro.

“But I have nothing against you,” he claimed Immanuel, while Rage assured that “When they’re gone, he’s going to miss them.” Then, in reference to the other participants, he warned him: “And stay with all that nonsense, I don’t know what fun you’re going to have.”

Cross between Mauro D'Alessio and Emmanuel Vich in Big Brother
Cross between Mauro D’Alessio and Emmanuel Vich in Big Brother. (Capture: Telefe)

“For you, to have fun, let them jump on your ass,” He launched Immanuel against Mauro. AND D’Alessio He shouted back: “That’s a prejudice. You say that’s the only thing that amuses me.”

“But that’s what you came to do. I see it, all the people see it. That you come to fuck with whoever crosses your path”he added Emmawhile Rage he laughed.

Subsequently, Mauro accused Immanuel out of jealousy and lashed out: “I’m telling the truth, it also breaks your balls that I’m with her too. So don’t make stupid faces every time I’m with her.”

“But I put on a face that makes me sad,” answered Immanuel. AND Mauro exclaimed: “Great. Put on your face, but don’t talk like that. It’s not like that, friend. Then you say that you do everything without intention, that you tell me things right. You damn thing tell me things right.”

Cross between Mauro D'Alessio and Emmanuel Vich in Big Brother 2
Cross between Mauro D’Alessio and Emmanuel Vich in Big Brother. (Capture: Telefe)

“Don’t be angry, it’s no big deal,” said Ragetrying to calm his “boy”. And he added: “Do you know why it happens? Because they burn the head of everyone who comes.”

However, Mauro pointed again against Immanuel: “No, no one bothers me. I do what I think and what I see. It has nothing to do with her being one of the people I enjoy the most, if it’s not the more… and with you not skinny, what’s wrong with that?”

“Why don’t you start yelling at her like that?”he asked Immanuel to Mauro. AND D’Alessio answered: “I argued with her a thousand times.”

Finally, Immanuel he got tired of arguing with Maurogot up from his seat and said: “Scream at him like you scream at me. Yell at him because you’re shitting yourself, you gilt. You’re fucking gilt.”

“I don’t argue with you. The day I argue with you we will fight seriously,” threatened him Juliana to Mauro. As she went to the living room, Immanuel shouted him: “Banana, eat egg.”

With this strong confrontation, it is clear that the relationship between Mauro D’Alessio and Fury is more tense than ever inside the house Big Brother (Telefe)since she defends her partner, Emmanuel Vichbut he doesn’t bank on it.

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