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Fire in the terrain in Kinn – helicopter has extinguished parts of the fire


The emergency services at the terrain that is burning in Refvik in Kinn. Photo: Thomas Hagen / NTB

Of NTB | 28.04.2024 22:52:14

Accidents and natural disasters: – The fire brigade quickly arrived at the scene and are asking for more resources as they have no control, says duty manager Jostein Steinsland Hauge in the 110 central to NRK.

At 10.30pm on Sunday evening, a helicopter extinguished parts of the fire, operations manager Bjarte Rebnord in the West police district told NTB.

– An area on the south side is now extinguished. There is no deterioration, says Rebnord.

– We have control over the fire in terms of buildings and people, but we do not have control over the fire itself, he said at 20.15.

One person must have inhaled smoke. Health personnel check the person concerned.

It should be around 500 meters from the fire to the nearest houses. They are currently not affected by the fire.

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