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First asylum seeker from Great Britain has gone voluntarily to Rwanda


Hope Hostel in Rwanda’s capital is one of the places expected to house asylum seekers who will probably be sent from the UK in a few months. Now the first asylum seeker has left voluntarily. Archive photo: AP / NTB

Of NTB | 30.04.2024 23:34:04

Policy: The country has plans to forcibly transfer many asylum seekers to Rwanda, but they are also offering £3,000 to asylum seekers who travel voluntarily. The amount corresponds to over NOK 40,000.

The newspaper does not state the source of the news. They write that the asylum seeker comes from an African country, and that he was sent on a regular scheduled flight. UK authorities have not commented on the case.

Tens of thousands of asylum seekers have arrived in Britain in small boats in recent years. The British government has spent two years getting approval for a controversial proposal to send many of them to Rwanda – 6,400 kilometers away.

Last week, the proposal was given the green light in parliament, and forced deportations are said to start in a few months.

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