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First author release for Silk


Of Egil M Solberg | 24.05.2024 11:45:31

The Silk Festival: – We always think it is exciting to welcome new people to Skudeneshavn, it is also happening this year, says chairman Andreas Kallestein, and continues.

– Anna B. Ragde, Henrik H. Langeland and Are Kalvø are new names in the SILK context. Anna B. Ragde joins the opening where she and her friend Unni Lindell together have their own programme, almost a literary book show.

There will be a solid quartet of writers at the opening, as Jørn Lier Horst and Thomas Enger will also join. Together they have written five books about Alexander Blix and Emma Ramm, of which Offer is the most recent.

– In the Nordic crime genre, there is a long tradition of two authors writing together, but being two about writing a book does not mean that there is half as much work – it is rather the opposite, says Kallestein.

You can hear how they work together under SILK.

– And not only that, the opening night ends with a concert by Frode Alnæs. He is known as the guitar virtuoso, the “boss” and the originator of all the songs for “Dance with a stranger”, which became one of Norwegian pop history’s great successes, he states.

He has released six solo albums under his own name, the latest “My friends in need” came in 2023.


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