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Five car fires in Oslo in a few hours – probably arson


On Thursday morning, a car caught fire on the school ground at Grefsen in Oslo. The fire is the fifth in the area in a few hours. Photo: Fredrik Varfjell / NTB

Of NTB | 06.06.2024 09:43:06

Accidents and natural disasters: The police received a report of the first car fire at 2.16, the second at 3.51 and the third at 5. At 6.20 the police reported a fourth car fire in the same area at Kjelsås. All the fires have been extinguished.

– We are still working in the area with several patrols searching for witnesses and other clues that can help to clarify the case, wrote operations manager Øyvind Schalla-Aasen in the police in a message to the press just after 7 o’clock.

The third car fire happened inside a garage, and according to the police there was a great risk of spreading both to the garage and to other cars on site.

– It was a patrol that discovered it in connection with the work on the previous fire. The person in question then observed that a car was on fire in a garage, Schalla-Aasen told NTB just after 5 o’clock.

The fire was extinguished quickly, and according to operations manager Rune Kremmervik Hekkelstrand, the fire was extinguished so quickly that the car is not totally damaged.

– It is natural to see this fire in connection with the car fires in the same area earlier in the morning, he states in a message to the press.

Nordre Aker Budstikke writes that the police have received information that two people have been seen running in the direction of Nydalen after the latest fire and that they are investigating the matter.

The first car caught fire in Kurveien, while the second car that caught fire was parked in Myrerveien. The garage that houses the third is located in Nordstjerneveien. Car number four was also parked in Myrerveien. The distance between the cars is only a few hundred metres.

– We have not found a clear cause, but the strongest hypothesis is that they were set on, said Schalla-Aasen on Thursday morning.

Just before 9 o’clock there was a report of a fifth car fire near Grefsen school.

The police have not linked any people to the fires, but a search will be carried out in the immediate area on Thursday morning, as well as video collection.

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