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Flor Jazmín Peña faced Agustín Franzoni’s statements about her relationship with Nico Occhiato: “Things that are a mess happened”


Jasmine Flower Peña faced the spicy statements of Agustín Franzoni about her relationship with Nico Occhiato and denied having been unfaithful.

The dancer gave a note for Show Partners (El Trece) and responded forcefully to his ex-partner for giving his opinion on the fake wedding she will do with Nico Occhiato at the Teatro Colón.

“The fake wedding is 0 for the cameras. I’m not crazy about speaking badly about Agus, I wouldn’t have anything bad to say. He was a great person to me, and I think I was to him. Things happened that are a mess, that have nothing to do with infidelities, they have to do with a lack of love and, on top of that, I fell in love with another person he knew…“, he expressed.

There was no betrayal. The moment I realized that something was happening to me and I had doubts, Agus was the first person I spoke to. “I understand that later a lot of things get mixed up and I don’t know what messages reach him, I can’t take care of what people think or say,” he said. Jasmine Flower Peña.

“Now we are in a moment of mourning and that is why we are not in communication, and I think that is the best. From that place one tries to be silent. Especially since I am responsible for the decision to cut the link. Everything was fine but I couldn’t continue in the way we were going as a couple. I think I have good vibes with all my exes, but I don’t know if you can have a friendship after breaking upalthough with Agus it was a particular bond because we were friends,” concluded the Luzu member.

What Agustín Franzoni said about Flor Jazmín Peña

Agustín Franzonithe ex-partner of Jasmine Flower Peñawas very hurt after the end of their relationship, so, when she found out that she was dating Nico Occhiato he didn’t take it in the best way. Much less the idea that perform a fake wedding at the Teatro Colón.

For that reason, in the middle of his streaming program with Grego Rossellothe influencer spoke about this canonical event that will take place at the end of the month of May. “They are invited to Colón on the 30th”read aloud a comment from the chat, in which he remembered: “Ah, there is the casario.”

“You’re a badass, how are you going to tell Franzo that about going to the wedding of Nico Occhiato and Flor Jazmín. “You’re an idiot, don’t you understand that he was in love?” his friend jumped in rudely to defend him.

However, Franzoni preferred to take it ironically and expressed: “I fall and when they say ‘is there anyone who opposes?’… It would be high plot twist. “It would be spectacular, if I record it I’ll go viral.”

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